Menu Addons

The following items can be added to any of our menus

Salad Menu

serves up to 10 persons £7.25 per platter

Salad Bowl/Platter Selections

Our fresh Salad bowls are served on our large platter trays and would serve up to 10 persons

Choose from our  selection:

 £7.25 Traditional Green Garden Salad –  Mixed Seasonal Lettuce
Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes  Cucumber, Diced Spring Onions

£7.25 Ceasar Salad, Cos Lettuce, fresh grated Parmensan and
Ceasar dressing ( bacon pieces can be added )

Salad Bowls

      Hand Cut Coleslaw £7.95 per 1 kg

New Potato Salad £7.95 per 1 kg


Large Crisp Platter

serves up to 10 persons £4.50


Dessert Selection

all per person

Mini Blueberry Muffins – £0.95,

Chocolate Muffins – £0.95,

Dark & White Chocolate
Coated Doughnuts -£0.95

·        Raspberry & Spelt Flour Tray Bake (21 portions) £25.20

·        Carrot Cake Tray Bake (21 portions) £25.20

·        Apple & Cinnamon Tray Bake (21 portions) £25.20


Fruit Selection

all per person

Fresh Fruit £0.90 (2 pieces per person)
Mini Fruit Kebab £0.90 (2 kebabs per person)
Prepared Fruit Platter £9.95 (serves 6 people)


Drink Selection

served with disposable cups

Orange Juice £2.95 per litre
Apple Juice £2.95 per litre
Still Water £1.95 per litre
Sparkling Water £1.95 per litre
Cans Drinks: Coke, Pepsi etc. £0.85 per can

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